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For the first time in history...
MMS is available to business phones.

With Twilio, businesses can now accept MMS messages on their local business phone numbers in addition to the normal text messages that they can receive.

Texting has transformed into a rich-media channel

Until now, businesses could only add text messaging to their existing business phone numbers. Now, businesses can send multi-media files over MMS as well. You can now send and receive photos, videos, audio files, vcards, calendars, text docs, pdfs and more. Click here for the complete list.

Your rich media is now real-time and personal

Previously, emails or short-codes were the only way to pass rich media between businesses and customers. With MMS, that media can be real-time and personal. Rich media can now be easily accessed from anywhere at anytime. Since text messaging is a preferred channel with a 90%+ open rate, your rich-media will be accessed much more.


Here are just a few examples of how to use MMS


Share Photos With Business

Consumers want to visually share their ideas with business. Whether that is with realtors, interior designers, auto sales, or hair stylists.


Text your Office Voicemail

Free yourself from your office phone. You can forward all your voicemails to text message and listen to them on the fly.


Rich Technical Support

While on the phone, a support agent can text PDF manuals to the caller. Customers can also initiate those files from your IVR.


Get Real Reminders

Right now, text message reminders are sent through a text message. Now, you can send a calendar invite so that the recipient can include it on their calendar.


With OneReach, MMS can now be part of your IVR, ITR, or Text Chat

Not only can rich media be sent over a text chat, but OneReach can incorporate MMS directly into your IVR or ITR so that those using the systems can access rich media without requiring a person to send it. OneReach can retrieve or store those files in your Content Management System of record.

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