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"Do’s & Don’ts when integrating SMS into your Contact Center"

Delight customers. Minimize confusion. Provide meaningful engagement.

These are all the reality and expectation for Contact Centers who have thoughtfully implemented SMS. If you’re looking for guidance and information about where to get started with SMS, this is your first stop.

So, what if you could make customers happy with multiple channel options while lowering costs? We’re here to tell you that you can and it’s easier than you think to create the ultimate customer experience.

In this Whitepaper, we’ll dive into:

  • The importance of understanding the “implied promise” of the SMS channel
  • Why you must be thoughtful and deliberate when introducing SMS for the first time
  • The first impression – why this is critical to a successful SMS experience
  • How does SMS translate into “Channel Pivot” success
  • How to under-promise & over-deliver – the essence of true customer satisfaction

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