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SMS and Phone Automation
for Internal Operations and HR

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The modern workforce is distributed and mobile

Your workforce is everywhere. The one device that is the most convenient and ubiquitous is the mobile phone. The most used features are phone and texting. 92% of 18-49 year old cell phone users now text.

Add phone and text message workflows for HR and Operations

While apps are used throughout the workforce, they can be expensive to change and difficult to enforce. OneReach allows you to build phone and SMS text messaging apps for your operations. You can send messages and the user can respond to those messages in an automated workflow. Those responses can be captured and recorded in your back-office software.

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Personalized, Adaptive Automation

We are user experience freaks and care deeply that the text and phone experience learn from all the best practices of modern software experience. Text and phone are not the same as web apps so we are implementing a whole new breed of user experience practices to these channels. One major difference is the intensely personal formats of interaction. Through features like "Conversation History" and "Personalized Automation" we are immediately recognizing the user and tailoring the experience for them and where they last left off.

Integrate Your Back Office Workflows

OneReach integrates into your back-office software. This allows you to include your company's address-book, timesheet system, sales automation, and task management data into your phone and text workflows. Workflows can be triggered by your back-office and all response data can be passed back to your system. OneReach can also perform data lookups during the workflow. Phone and text now becomes another user interface to the same systems you currently use.

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Easily build new workflows in minutes

OneReach has the most sophisticated IVR and ITR builder on the market. You can build complex or simple systems in minutes using our drag-and-drop visual builder. Add logic and data integration for a personal touch. Use and share templates of workflows. Quickly tie all user responses with your back-office software.

Company-wide Automation Management

OneReach includes a robust company-wide address book. You can sync it with your back-office address books to keep it up to date. Segment lists for different departments or for different workflows. This address-book also stores the logic for "Conversation History" and "Proactive Recognition" which allows the user to continue where they left off or gives them a list of tailored shortcuts to commonly used SMS and phone tasks.


You are often balancing 2 objectives within a company: Build strong relationships between team-members so that they can collaborate more efficiently versus nagging them to get tasks accomplished. OneReach helps you to take the tedious daily tasks (nagging people about project schedules, appointment reminders, etc.) and let automation handle them. This removes personal dynamics from the equation and helps you increase internal efficiencies.

What you get

Visual Automation Builder

A robust tool for quickly building workflows and integrations. Drag-and-drop, wizards, and 1-click integrations minimize the need for developers.

Voice and SMS Channels

Build interactive phone and text flows. Inbound and outbound messaging. Capture responses or forward to a human to respond to.

Back-office Integrations

Trigger a phone or SMS workflow from your back-office. Pass data captured back to your systems. Sync your address books.

Reporting & Notifications

See what messages or workflows were sent to what person. Track whether they responded or completed. Get notified by phone or text on usage.

User Experience Services

Phone and text messaging brings new standards of user experience, requiring new ways to optimize workflows. OneReach's User Experience experts are here for you.

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