Generate more leads.
Lower your cost-per-lead.

SMS Text Messaging
for Events and Speakers

Lets face it. It's very expensive to exhibit at an event. Decrease the cost-per-lead at your next event

With SMS & Text Automation

Events are a high cost-per-lead

Businesses exhibit or sponsor an event for one primary reason: generate leads. There is a reason that you are choosing to be at a particular tradeshow or event, but it's not cheap.

For example:

$50,000 Tradeshow cost, fully loaded

100-200 leads

=$500-$250 cost-

Business Cards

Physical, static, non-interactive

Badge Scanner

Limited to a booth

Marketing Materials

70% thrown away

Current lead collection can be improved

Business cards are by far the most pouplar way of exchanging data. Badge scanners work well but are costly and tie you to the booth. 70% of traditional marketing materials end up in the hotel garbage.

SMS helps collect leads

There are several aspects of SMS that make it a better for collecting leads. It is everywhere the conference attendee is. It has a 99% read rate. It tracks your entire history.


Read Rate


Read within
3 minutes


Billion People

SMS reduces cost-per-lead

The platfrom and usage costs are very low with OneReach. Using the ideas below, you can gather and engage far more leads than you would traditionally.

$1,000 Platform & SMS Cost

100-200 Leads Generated

=$10-$5 cost-

How do you generate leads with OneReach SMS?

#1 When speaking, convert your audience

When your company is speaking at a conference, use text voting during that speaking session. You can ask them to vote on something or you can poll them or you can use it for Q&A. It not only engages your audience, but allows you to capture the cell phone numbers of everyone in the audience so that you can follow up.



Your Audience Votes by Text

During your presentation, you ask a question. Your audience votes via text message.



You Display the Results Live

You display the results live in your presentation. The display can be a graph or free-form text like Q&A.



Each Response = a Contact

Once they vote, you have now captured their cell phone. During the session, you send an automated text message such as an offer or vcard.



You Build & Convert Leads

A channel is now established for you to reach out to your new lead. Convert them into a customer through text offers or a sales call.

#2 Widen your reach with text promotions & giveaways

Text messaging is a fantastic medium for promotions and giveaways. The promotion is easily able to be shared and allows everyone the ability to signup wherever they are, even beyond the physical bounds of your booth or event. It is highly interactive, allowing you an easy way of communicating back to everyone.



Get More People Signing Up

Use text mesaging to sign up for a promotion. It’s easy for people to share with others to grow the number of people signing up.



Verify and Notify Everyone

OneReach is integrated with 3rd party promotional companies to select a winner. You can message the results to everyone via text.

+200 LEADS


Easily Respond to Every Participant

Once they sign up, you have now captured their cell phone. Respond back to everyone to offer a white paper or smaller prizes.



Convert all the new Leads

A channel is now established for you to reach out to your new lead. Convert them into a customer through text offers or a sales call.

#3 Drive traffic to your activity or booth

There are so many forces vying for the attention of a conference attendee. It's easy for them to not get to your booth or forget to come to your party. Text messaging gives you a direct line to that attendee to remind them about your party or to drop by your booth.

phone event

That's not all... Be Creative!

We are always surprised by the ingenuity of our customers. That is why we created a very robust visual text designer that allows you to modify your text automation extremely fast with no downtime. Make incremental improvements using your web browser at any time within minutes. If you have an idea of how to increase your leads, try it out. It's fast!

anywhere devices
anywhere devices

How OneReach leverages your existing infrastructure

OneReach will integrate into your existing web-chat software so that you don’t have to change any internal process or require additional training. You can respond to text chats the exact same way you respond to web chats. Additionally, the text automation can integrate into your CRM or Support software for personalized text automation.

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