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The Phone and Text Messaging Solution for

With OneReach, you can handle all the phone calls and text messaging chats from customers within the interface. You just need to sign up for an account, choose your number, and plug in a headset into your computer to get started.



Phone Calling

Receive and make calls directly from Use click-to-call for existing contacts or open up a keypad to enter a new phone number. Incoming calls will pop up and can be answered by any available agent.

text chat

Text Chat

Let customers text the same number they can call you on. Incoming texts appear to the agent just like a phone call does. Agents can also click-to-text a contact from to easily send quick messages.

screen pop

Screen Pops

Incoming calls and texts will pop up within the interface, alerting any of the available agents. The conversation can be picked up by anyone and is logged in the activity history.



If it is after hours or if there are no available agents, the incoming call will go to voicemail and flagged for the next available agent to listen to and respond. You can follow up with another phone call or text message.

agent groups

Agent Groups

You can divide your agents into categories, based on the type of communication channel and/or the agent's skill set. This allows for intelligent routing so customers speak with the right person the first time.



OneReach can help you customize your own IVR (voice) and ITR (text). This allows you to handle ticket status, ticket entry, and customer self-serve options all through automation. CONTACT US for more information on how to add it to your account.

full screen mode

Full Screen for Admin

The interface within is optimized for agents. Administrators, however, need to easily view agent activity history and manage settings and groups. That's why we provide a full screen mode that is just for them.

mobile app

Mobile Access

OneReach has a mobile app that allows you to get away from your desk without missing incoming messages. Currently, the app supports text messaging. Phone calls are coming soon. DOWNLOAD IT FOR APPLE now or CONTACT US for the Android version.



OneReach is a rich, omnichannel communication management system that goes way beyond what is offered within As you grow your business, we can help you scale. Find out about our full solution for contact centers at OneReach Contact Center.

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