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How to setup your OneReach account in

After you sign up for a OneReach account you will need to configure your account in order to access it. Phone Prerequisites

  • Pro Plan or above. (Contact your account manager if you have any questions about your plan offering.)
  • Administrator Access Level
  • Phone Integration only works with NextGenAgent.

Part 1: Setting up Phone Service within Desk

To Get Started you will first have to turn on Phone Integrations in your account.

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In, go to Admin > Settings > Site Settings and Set "Phone Integrations" to ON

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Then, go to Admin > Channels > Phone > General and Set "Phone Calls Enabled" to ON

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Next, go to Admin > Channels > Phone > Integrations > and click ‘Add Integration’

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Enter the following information:





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Now you will need to identify who in your organization will be able to access the OneReach Voice and Text Interface. Select the individuals in your account who should have access to the interface. After you select all your contacts, Click ‘Update’. All selected users will now be able to use your new OneReach account.

Part 2: Logging into OneReach

After you configure your account to support a Phone channel you can log in and start receiving calls and texts.

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To access the OneReach Phone app navigate to the NextGenAgent Interface and click the phone icon in the upper right hand side of the page.

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Login using the credentials that you selected when signing up for your account.

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When you login for the first time, your account will go through a short provisioning process. Once completed you will be taken to the main screen.

Congratulations! You are ready to start taking calls and texts!

You are now ready to make and receive voice calls and text messages from your account. For more information please see the help section within the OneReach Desk app. You may always log in to the full screen version of the app as well at the top of this site or here. If you have any questions please email OneReach Desk support at