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Make or receive phone calls in

Now, you can use as a phone system. With OneReach added, you are able to make and receive calls directly from the interface. All you need is a computer and a headset. Incoming calls are able to be picked up by the first available agent or if no one is available, it will go to voicemail that any agent can access and respond to.

Your agents can now text chat

Did you know that 64% of people would rather text customer care than call? By providing text chat, you not only reduce phone calls and free up your staff, but you also are serving your customers on a channel that they prefer. OneReach allows you to send and receive texts from within the interface.

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twilio features

Agent-assisted Automation

Let customers self-serve with automated voice (IVR) and text (ITR) flows that you can build yourself with our drag-and-drop builder. With OneReach, your automation can recognize callers/texters and predict why they are contacting based on the data from your back-end systems. You can then offer personalized, contextual self-service options. You can also use data connectors so you can tap into any open API you might want to use and pull and store information.

Oversee multiple agent groups

Companies sometimes separate your chat agents from your phone agents. You are able to divide your agents into groups so that those who are tasked with phone only work on phone calls and those on chat will only work on text response. Additionally, as a manager, you have viewable access to the history of every conversation with every agent whether it is a phone call, text message, or voicemail.

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Untether your phone from

Having a phone and text system within is essential to managing and coordinating your support teams. There are times, however, when you need the flexibility to untether yourself while still providing superior customer service. OneReach offers both a full screen mode as well as a mobile experience when you need the added power.

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Manage from a full screen experience

Sometimes the small window in's interface is not enough to manage your groups or activity history. OneReach allows you to log into a full screen version of the interface to manage your agents, activities, and settings if you need it.

Take your calls and texts from your mobile phone

OneReach has a mobile app that allows you to get away from the laptop without having to sacrifice incoming messages. Currently, the app supports text messaging & voicemail. Phone calls are coming soon. Download it from the iPhone store now or for the Android version, contact us.


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