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OneReach Communication Studio lets you build flows with our drag-and-drop interface - with no coding required - that you'll have up and running in no time.

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Omnichannel Communication Builder

Communication Studio allows you to build voice (IVR) and text (ITR) solutions by simply dragging-and-dropping steps onto a visual flow. Add messages, multiple choice steps, yes/no steps, and more. Automate your outbound and inbound communications and engage with customers through SMS and voice.

Better Self Service

Let customers call OR text your company for self-service. Give them a personalized experience by having your IVR/ITR greet them by name and use data sources to push and pull their data so that they do not have to repeat themselves each time they contact you. Save them time by not forcing them to sit on hold. Save your company money by cutting costs of voice calls.

Schedule Outbound Notifications

Easily create and schedule outbound voice flows, text flows, or emails. Keep customers engaged with satisfaction surveys, special offers and deals, event reminders, and so much more. Choose all your contacts or specific contact lists to send to and see how well your outbound messages perform and how customers respond in real time.

Contact Management

With the OneReach Communication Studio, you can use our out-of-the-box CRM system to enter and manage contacts or you can simply import your existing contact lists. Sync your CRM to quickly update contact information.

Dynamic Contact Lists

In Communication Studio, you can create Dynamic Contact Lists that update automatically based on certain rules. Separate contacts by location, preferred channel, whether they registered a product or not, and more. These lists come in especially handy for opt-in/opt-out as you can easily segment customers into different distribution lists.

Create Logic

With Communication Studio, you can use condition steps to determine how to more efficiently assist customers. For example, if a customer has shopped with you before and has stored information in your system, you can use a condition step to find this information and prevent them from having to repeat themselves.

Yes/No Questions

Communication Studio includes a basic yes/no step so that you do not have to create this logic over and over. Perfect for surveys.

Multiple Choice

Use a multiple choice step to route customers to different parts of your flow based on their answer.

Capture Messages

Capture a response word-for-word to reference later. Great for gathering information before transferring to a live agent.


Use Communication Studio to trigger simple actions in response to customer interactions. For example, you can tell the OneReach system to text a customer when they purchase one of your products online. And the best part is, they can actually respond to these outbound texts and engage with one of your agents or your ITR immediately.

Data Sources

Include Data Sources to push and pull information between OneReach and other systems. For example, you can create a data source that automatically creates a trouble ticket in your Salesforce account when a customer calls or texts you.


Now you can send multimedia messages - images, videos, PDFs, and more - right in your text flows.

Merge Fields

Use merge fields to greet customers by name, return account information, and even help them skip steps based on previous interactions.


OneReach can automatically send an opt-in message triggered from your web app, CRM, or phone. Then you can easily segment your customers into different distribution lists.

Natural Language Grammars

Adding IBM Watson capability to your OneReach system gives you massive Natural Language Grammar libraries that let customers speak and text with your system as if it were a real person.

Conditional Steps

This step allows you to change a customer’s flow path based on the combination of any number of fields. For example, you may want to send local customers down a different path than online customers.

Go-to Steps

Use the Go To Step to redirect the customer to another part of a flow, thus preventing the need to duplicate steps. You can also direct them to a subflow - or a step within a subflow - with this step.

Bundle Subflows (Coming Soon)

For parts of a flow with multiple steps that you may want to repeat elsewhere, Communication Studio lets you easily create subflows. You can then direct steps in your main flows to these subflows using go-to steps, without having to re-build them each time.

Watson Integration

IBM Watson and OneReach have partnered to help bring you the best in voice and text automation. Working in the background, IBM Watson can cross-reference all kinds of data, like a customer's past choices, their recent purchases, and even what the weather is like, to intelligently route them in your OneReach system and give them the best and most efficient automation experiences imaginable.


Custom Wizards

If you have multiple branches or locations to manage, we can design custom wizards for you to let each one configure specific parts of a voice or text flow without changing the basic structure. Use these for simple changes like hours, away messages, main greetings, vacation hours, and more.

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