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Bots: The Next Age of Business Communications

What are bots?

Bots are really automated assistants that help you to solve a task. Not only are there bots that help people, but companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others are opening up their doors to companies to publish branded bots, much like they have done for apps. There is an explosion of bot stores in 2016, with every major platform opening up to allow companies to publish bots to those channels. Many see bots as the next big experience for consumer-to-business communications.

Top Companies are building bots

Differentiate your brand. Don't be left behind.

For 4 years, companies have been building different types of bots on OneReach, using the Communication Studio Bot Builder. If you are trying to build chat bots, conversational bots, phone bots, IVR bots, text bots, messaging bots, SMS bots, then OneReach has you covered. Leading companies are able to enhance and differentiate their customer service with bots.

Messenging Chat Bots

OneReach has taken the complexity out of building self-service text response applications [bots]. We continue to be amazed at the versatility and intuitive nature of the user interface.

- Office of the CIO, Washington, DC

How do I build a bot?

OneReach provides you an easy product for building chat bots that can be used by anyone.

Step 1) Design the Conversation

In Communication Studio, you will design conversations. Visually drag & drop messages and possible responses that you want to include in your bot. Design either voice bots and messaging bots depending on the platform you want.

Step 2) Make your Bot Data-driven

Tap into any API that your company has to make your bot understand the customer, look up data about them, and allow them to self serve. Go further by integrating IBM Watson into your bot in order to increase it's learning and intelligence.

Step 3) Publish to your preferred platform

Publish your bot on Twilio's platform for Phone or SMS. Publish for Facebook Messenger or Slack. Google, Microsoft & IBM Watson Bots are all possible.

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