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How Cross-Functional Support Benefits Your Business

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Startups can be crazy, exciting places to work. While it can often feel like there are more balls in the air than hands to catch them, somehow everything ends up getting done. This is because, many times in startups, people from one department jump into another department to tackle the tasks at hand.

The collaborative, hands-on nature of startups is a great example of cross-functionality at work. Cross-functional teams combine the strengths and talents of different individuals to reach a common goal. Applied to customer service, cross-functional support means uniting individuals from several different departments (marketing, sales, operations, etc.) to figure out how to provide the best service possible to customers.

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4 Benefits of Consolidating Channels Into One Platform

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Providing a sophisticated communication experience can be a difficult task. Today’s technology has advanced so much in such a short period of time that businesses have to account for channel proliferation (voice, SMS, social, etc.), multiple touch points (web, contact centers, branches, etc.), the different tasks being performed (reminders, customer support, confirmations, orders, etc.) and channel affinity (which channels customers prefer) when providing service.

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5 Benefits of Business Texting

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When you think about texting, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Lols and emoticons?

How about closing a business deal?

Over two-thirds of business professionals are using text messaging for business-related communications. In addition, nearly 75% of business workers text colleagues while over half text external contacts like customers and prospects. With the use of texting rising inside and outside the workplace, business professionals need to start thinking about how texting can help their company.

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The Benefits of Text-Based Tech Support

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If your company is one of the many now opting to provide tech support through text, you may be anxious about implementing this new technology. There is good news, however. First of all, integrating text is likely way more simple and straightforward than you think (as you can read about here). Secondly, the benefits of switching to text-based tech support vastly outweigh the risk of lagging behind in an outdated voice-only system. Here are a few that come to mind.

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