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March 2016

texting workforce optimization

Why Texting Is a Great Match for Workforce Optimization

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The rise of messaging for business communication has taken the world by storm, and your contact center needs to be ready to respond. But first, you need to make sure you’re responding on the right channels.

Research done by Harris Poll and commissioned by OneReach found that over 60% of customers would rather text than call your business for support. With texting, customers can get a faster, more efficient response to their questions. This value can be seen within customer communications, as well as internal workforce communications.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Bad Customer Service Affects Your Business

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This guest post is written by Robbie Richards, a member of the content marketing team at Jitbit.

Consider this:

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience.


86% will not purchase from a business with negative online reviews.

The takeaway?

Bad customer service is the fastest way to lose existing customers, and deter potential customers from ever stepping foot in your door.
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OneReach Helps Bid Farewell to Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World

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The Most Interesting Man in the World is no longer on this world.

That’s right—Dos Equis’ international man of many talents (portrayed by Jonathan Goldsmith) has taken a one-way trip to Mars. The brand now embarks on their own journey to replace the meme-inspiring icon.

To help fans say goodbye, Dos Equis teamed up with OneReach to design an IVR answering any questions fans might have.

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conversational bot

The Perfect Tool(s) for Joining the SMS Bot Gold Rush

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Through the history of the Internet, we’ve seen a bots of all flavors (scrapers, viruses, worms), all often giving bots a bad name. They’re small bits of code that can carry out a host of malicious actions–stealing web content, screwing up web analytics, and encouraging click fraud.

This all sounds pretty dire, but more recently, the concept of bots has been harnessed for more and more good. And one of its new and improved forms is  conversational SMS bots. Read More

business texting

Build Customer Retention through Business Texting

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This guest post is written by Michael Janowski, Marketing & Brand Manager for Corporate Dynamics, Inc.

A few years ago, I finished my Masters study at Eastern Illinois University in the little town of Charleston, IL. Approaching Charleston from the West, you can see the outline of EIU’s signature building: Old Main Castle. It’s a beautiful site (as any Panther alum will attest). There’s only one thing on the main stretch of Lincoln Avenue that may draw your attention from it: a dancing slice of pizza.

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