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October 2015

OneReach Shares Customer Service Horror Stories, Vol. 2

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Customer service interactions can turn scary pretty fast. You might be arguing with a service rep over cancelling your TV service, or getting stuck in an IVR for an interminable amount of time. Poor service can be such a deterrent that 89% of customers will start doing business with a competitor after a negative service experience.

It’s the stuff customer service nightmares are made of.

As a follow-up to last year’s Halloween post, and to get into the Halloween spirit, we thought we’d share the most hauntingly horrific customer service horror stories we’ve had on the phone. Read on…if you dare!

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cross functional support

How Cross-Functional Support Benefits Your Business

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Startups can be crazy, exciting places to work. While it can often feel like there are more balls in the air than hands to catch them, somehow everything ends up getting done. This is because, many times in startups, people from one department jump into another department to tackle the tasks at hand.

The collaborative, hands-on nature of startups is a great example of cross-functionality at work. Cross-functional teams combine the strengths and talents of different individuals to reach a common goal. Applied to customer service, cross-functional support means uniting individuals from several different departments (marketing, sales, operations, etc.) to figure out how to provide the best service possible to customers.

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What’s the Best Way to Improve Customer Service? 63 Influencers Weigh In

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What’s the best way to improve customer service?

It’s a great question, and perhaps one of the most difficult to figure out. That’s why we asked 63 industry experts for their take on the best way to improve customer service. When we took a look at all the answers, we found that the most frequently suggestion to customer service was to improve the employee experience.

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