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February 2015

OneReach Named One of 50 Colorado Startups to Watch in 2015

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Exciting news!

Built In Colorado named OneReach as one of 50 Colorado startups to watch in 2015. The list features 50 cloud-software companies all founded in the last five years, spanning the state from Denver to Boulder to Louisville.

We’re excited and honored to be one of the 50 startups to watch in 2015! This is great feedback and adds to our belief that the future of powerful enterprise software lies in cloud (read more about cloud-software benefits for the contact center here).

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Built In Colorado is a news and hiring resource for startups in the state of Colorado.


4 Benefits of Consolidating Channels Into One Platform

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Providing a sophisticated communication experience can be a difficult task. Today’s technology has advanced so much in such a short period of time that businesses have to account for channel proliferation (voice, SMS, social, etc.), multiple touch points (web, contact centers, branches, etc.), the different tasks being performed (reminders, customer support, confirmations, orders, etc.) and channel affinity (which channels customers prefer) when providing service.

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Your Omnichannel Strategy: Becoming Omnipotent

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Omnichannel. I first heard the term from an analyst during an interview at an Enterprise Connect Conference where we were unveiling our SMS Contact Center solution. He told me that most contact center experts were no longer using the term “multichannel” but were instead opting for the cooler term “omnichannel”.

An omnichannel strategy is one that seamlessly supports customer needs whether they use phone, email, web chat, Twitter, Morse code or smoke signals. While the idea of being so-called “omnipotent” sounds aspirational, it is beyond the reach for most mortal contact centers.

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How Text Tech Support Can Cut Back On Costs

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Companies generally provide tech support through phone or email, so when some companies began providing it through text messages, there was some anxiety. According to, there are 4.3 billion people carrying SMS-enabled devices, and of those, 96% send text messages on a regular basis. Those who have used text-based tech support as opposed to the phone-based alternative typically prefer texting. A Harris Poll study found that 64% of customers who text prefer SMS to phone for customer service.

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Show Your Customers Some Love With Automated Text Support

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Automation was created to make your life easier, not harder. ATMs, IVRs, even vending machines exist for the purpose of enabling self-service – getting what you need for yourself easily without needing another person to help you.

Unfortunately, automation sometimes frustrates customers instead of helping them. Just look at your typical IVR, where pressing the wrong button or mispronouncing something can send you down a path that makes your day a little rainy-er. “Did you say cancel your flight?”… “No! Change flight.” “Cancelling your flight. Please reschedule.”

We know IVRs and phone trees have a bad rap —  after all, it’s sort of counterintuitive if the money you’re apparently saving by using automation is ends up frustrating customers. But don’t be mistaken.

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