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A.I. creates great customer experiences

You may know IBM’s Watson from Jeopardy!, the popular game show on which the supercomputer successfully defeated two human opponents. But Watson wasn’t built simply to search and return results. Watson is really a cognitive computer, one that can manage, understand, learn, and derive usable information from large, unstructured amounts of data. OneReach has partnered with IBM Watson so that you can take advantage of AI when you create your customer experiences.

Intelligent Automation for Better Self-service

With the knowledge base and analytics of IBM Watson, OneReach can help your company create the most comprehensive self-service experiences. Watson can improve the text and voice automation that you build in OneReach with instant updates based on customer profiles, social trends, environmental factors, the time of the interaction, and other factors that agents themselves can’t always take into account. Watson can then help facilitate faster, more efficient self- service experiences for your customers, greeting them by name and immediately directing them to the option that makes the most sense. Agents can stand by and monitor these automated conversations, stepping in at any time if necessary. Watson can then learn the processes that agents completes and deliver more targeted customer service in the future.

A.I. Speeds up Self-service & Agents

Call centers can now handle 10 customers per agent

Amazon allows any developer, tinkerer, hobbyist, or business to create third-party voice apps for the Echo platform. Just like iOS or Android, you can create apps that are specific to the user needs. You can either build an app in Javascript or use OneReach's Echo Builder to visually create your app with no coding needed.

A.I. Improves your proactive customer service

With Watson’s predictive analytics, OneReach can help your company go above and beyond by proactively contacting customers for things like reminders to schedule service appointments or personalized offers based on previous purchases. By using OneReach with IBM Watson, you’ll be able to provide the best, most personalized service options to your customers and increase brand loyalty.

Adding Intelligence is as simple as drag and drop

Integrating Watson into your business can be a complex task. That’s why OneReach is partnering with IBM Watson to create smarter customer service experiences. OneReach is the first and most advanced IVR solution that allows customers to self-serve easier. Businesses can build their own inbound and outbound voice and text solutions with no coding or IT staff necessary. Imagine the type of voice interaction you want to build and then build it with OneReach. 1000s of app ideas are possible to build quickly with Communication Studio. We have taken the hard work out of creating Echo apps. You don't need javascript programming abilities to completely build an Echo app from end to end. Just use our drag & drop builder to bring your idea to Echo. Get started today in minutes.

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