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Two-way text chat for your business phone

Text, web chat, and voice - all in the same in-browser interface

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Omnichannel Inbox

Text-enable your existing business phone number, toll-free, or 1-800 number and start text-chatting on any internet-connected device or smartphone. Manage these text chats - plus phone calls, voicemail, and web chats - all within the same OneReach Action Desk interface. View these communications just like you would emails in an inbox.


In Action Desk, contact information is displayed on the same main screen where you manage calls and chats so you can easily view it during or after a conversation. Import contact lists or tie into a CRM system to include more details. Update contact information within Action Desk and have those changes then reflected in your CRM.

Intelligent Canned Responses

OneReach has canned responses out-of-the-box that can increase you employee’s efficiency, ensure brand complaince, and even help with new hire training. Include IBM Watson capability in your OneReach system, and you will have the benefit of intelligent canned responses - ones that Watson generates based on the most common answers found in previous conversations.

Agent Groups

In Action Desk, you can easily create Agent Groups based on your associates' knowledge. Any agent in that group can claim text message conversations or transfer them to other agents in their group. If a customer tries to call or text an agent who is not available, they can quickly be routed to other agents in that same group.

Optional Number Masking

When using OneReach Action Desk, you have the option to utilize Number Masking in order to ensure the privacy of your customers. This means that your employee can only communicate with that customer through the OneReach tool and will not have access to customer information if they were to leave the company.

Away Messages

Create custom away messages and capture responses from texters to help them quicker once you are available again.

Toast Notifications

Access Action Desk on your mobile phone - either through the browser or with our mobile app - and see push and toasts notifications when you receive a new text or voicemail.


See pertinent customer information as they call or text your company. Have insight into the conversation before it even starts and provide more personalized service.

Recording and Reports

Action Desk gives you the option to record phone calls and save text transcripts for quality assurance purposes. Gain insight into customer activity and see how many text conversations your agents take in comparison to web chats and phone calls. Break this information down by specific agents or by agent groups.


Send and receive multimedia messages through Action Desk. This includes images, videos, audio files, vcards, calendars, text documents, PDFs, and more. Engage with customers more by showing them your products, sending menus, sharing event calendars, and so much more.

Don't Be Tied to a Desk

Since OneReach Action Desk is a cloud-based tool, you can access it from any browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Run errands, make deliveries, and travel without worry that your customers will be ignored. Monitor chat activity of your associates to ensure brand compliance while even you’re away. Also available as a mobile app.

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