OneReach Proudly Supports The USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The only thing more exciting than hosting The 2014 USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado is having it supported by the OneReach platform!

The US Pro Cycling Challenge is leveraging the OneReach SMS Contact Center Solution to make it easy for spectators to obtain key event information by simply texting the word “info” to 70700.

For example, spectators can text in to automatically receive event details like start and finish locations for race stages. We’re excited to see The USA Pro Cycling Challenge acting on the quickly growing trend of respecting customer channel preferences. As a recent study by Harris Interactive has shown, 64% of consumers actually prefer text over voice for obtaining customer service.

As this is being written, OneReach’s home turf is quickly headed into one very full and exciting week of being the center of the professional cycling universe! The USA Pro Cycling Challenge has quickly emerged as one of the premier events in the world of professional cycling, and there’s nothing quite like hosting all that world-class talent in your hometown! In the coming days, some of the world’s most impressive athletes will accomplish something most of us couldn’t dream of (even if we trained as much as the pros)!

The OneReach team couldn’t be more pleased to see our SMS Contact Center Solution helping visitors from around the world enjoy this week’s spectacular sporting event!

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Elias Parker

Elias Parker is a Managing Partner at OneReach where he is focused on enabling companies to offer effective, meaningful customer support over text message. With over eight years of experience working with a user experience agency that pioneered the user experience (UX) space, Elias is skilled in ethnography, user experience research, workshop facilitation and crafting highly specialized product research, design and development teams. Elias’ work spans multiple industries and his client portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, Boeing, Fidelity and Conde Nast to name a few. Elias has a Masters Degree in Ethno-Political Conflict Analysis & Management from Royal Roads University in British Columbia, Canada.

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