Show Your Customers Some Love With Automated Text Support

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Automation was created to make your life easier, not harder. ATMs, IVRs, even vending machines exist for the purpose of enabling self-service – getting what you need for yourself easily without needing another person to help you.

Unfortunately, automation sometimes frustrates customers instead of helping them. Just look at your typical IVR, where pressing the wrong button or mispronouncing something can send you down a path that makes your day a little rainy-er. “Did you say cancel your flight?”… “No! Change flight.” “Cancelling your flight. Please reschedule.”

We know IVRs and phone trees have a bad rap —  after all, it’s sort of counterintuitive if the money you’re apparently saving by using automation is ends up frustrating customers. But don’t be mistaken.

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Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Introduce ITR

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Raise your hand if you hate phone-trees.

Yep, my hand is up too.

But what if you didn’t have to interrupt your day to glue your phone to your ear, listening to the same monotonous options play while you put your day on hold.

What I’m about to tell you next may seem shocking, but it’s true.

You can text phone trees now.

Crazy, right? Actually, not so much.

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Interactive Text Response is the New IVR

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With technological advances flooding the market everyday, interactive voice response (IVR) is looking more and more like a thing of the past.

Modern speech technology dates as far back as the 1930s, but IVRs didn’t really come into their own until the late ‘90s. In theory, customers would be empowered to solve their own problems while agents would be able to handle more pressing calls with IVR. In actuality, this new system caused companies to value speed over service, stressing out agents while creating more and more dissatisfied customers.

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