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How to Write Automated Texts That Sound Human

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This post is co-written with Leslie O’Flahavan of E-WRITE.

If your customers have opted-in to receive texts from your company, they probably realize that some of your texts are going to be automated. They understand that sometimes texts from your company were sent by an automated system and that you don’t actually have a human employee, chained to a desk, hand-typing each appointment confirmation or loyalty program welcome message!

However, even if your texts to customers are automated, they shouldn’t sound mechanical. Here are ten tips to help you write automated texts that sound human and build rapport with your customers.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Bad Customer Service Affects Your Business

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This guest post is written by Robbie Richards, a member of the content marketing team at Jitbit.

Consider this:

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a bad experience.


86% will not purchase from a business with negative online reviews.

The takeaway?

Bad customer service is the fastest way to lose existing customers, and deter potential customers from ever stepping foot in your door.
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9 IVR Best Practices You Need to Know

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Interactive voice response (also known as IVR) is one of the most notorious service channels of all time. Originally introduced to decrease the amount of time agents needed to spend on the phone while increasing the number of problems solved. Unfortunately, IVR ended up creating brand new problems for the customer: long hold times, confusing menus and the continual inability to reach a rep. Today, only 13% of consumers think IVR is easy to use, and only 15% believe IVR use benefits them.

Luckily, IVR doesn’t have to be this way. Over two-thirds of consumers would prefer to use self-service technologies like IVR rather than speak with a live agent; they just haven’t had a great experience with it until now. Here are nine IVR best practices on to help you create a better service experience for both companies and customers.

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