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Mobile Phones Aren’t Even Phones Anymore

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This guest post is written by Olga Grigorenko, a freelance writer for Fueled.

We can all remember the days when we memorized our friends’ numbers, carefully recorded new contacts in address books, and coquettishly wrote down our digits on party napkins. Telephones were lifelines and phone calls were indispensable. But then mobile phones happened, and our means of communication changed drastically. Exchanging contact information became far more simplified and reaching anyone over the phone became significantly easier. Phone calls could now be made on the go – anywhere, anytime.

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Text Messages vs Push Notifications: Some Key Considerations

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Push notifications are big business. Apple has sent over 7.4 trillion push notifications since the launch of iCloud in 2011, and research has found 84% of millennials respond to retailers’ push notifications. In fact, Facebook has even create an app specifically devoted to notifications, and the New York Times has an 11-person team dedicated to push notifications.

It’s easy to see why people like push notifications. They’re controlled by the user (they can turn them or of), there’s a deep link to the application so you don’t have to go searching through it, and it’s not limited by characters like other messages. In addition, push notifications aren’t highly regulated (for better or worse) and don’t cost anything to receive them.

But while there’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving a new notification, push notifications aren’t always the best way to engage with customers. In fact, some consumers are turning them off.

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How Voice and Text Can Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

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Many of today’s top businesses offer a mobile app, and all of them are looking for downloads in an increasingly prevalent mobile market. There were an estimated 138 billion global app downloads in 2014, and that number is set to double to 270 billion in 2017. With over half of American consumers downloading around four apps a month, how can your business tap into the booming mobile app market and increase downloads?

Answer: promote downloads through text message and voice, the two most common activities done on a mobile device.

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SMS Support: When an App Isn’t Enough

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Having a “mobile strategy” goes beyond just having a mobile application and mobile friendly website. It means using all of the capabilities of today’s mobile phones and understanding the role that these devices play in the lives of your customers.

How much of a role? Not to get too personal, but more people would rather give up sex than give up their phone. A study found that 26% of Americans said they couldn’t live without their smartphone, while only 20% of Americans said they couldn’t live without sex. The same study found that 44% of people sleep with their phone at night, and 67% check their phone even if it’s not ringing.

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Mobile Apps vs. Text Chat: Which One Is Better for Business?

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In the business world, the ability to utilize and offer intelligent automation solutions is a crucial part of continued growth. In the contact center environment, introducing alternative channels like text and chat can lower costs while providing customers with a range of options. Over the past few years, mobile apps have become a prevalent fixture in innovative business technology, but using this type of platform can be expensive.

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