OneReach’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

2015 has been an exciting year for customer service, customer experience and mobile. There have been big technological advancements like AI and cloud services, big legislative changes per the TCPA, and big wins for companies trying to differentiate on the customer experience.

As we look back on 2015, we decided to round up the articles that resonated the most with our readers. Here are our top 10 articles of 2015 (you guys really like list posts!)

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Why Contact Centers Should Offer Texting to Customers

This post originally appeared on ICMI.

The use of digital channels for customer service is on the rise. Recent research by Dimension Data found that over 35% of contact center interactions are now digital, not voice-based. In fact, digital interactions in the contact center will surpass voice interactions in two years’ time.

Text messaging is one of the digital channels contributing to that increase. According to the same Dimension Data report, nearly 40% of contact centers use text messaging/instant messaging, with this number set to increase to over 60% by 2017. The research also found that more interactions are handled via text messaging/instant messaging than on smartphone applications or social media.

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Text Messages vs Push Notifications: Some Key Considerations

Push notifications are big business. Apple has sent over 7.4 trillion push notifications since the launch of iCloud in 2011, and research has found 84% of millennials respond to retailers’ push notifications. In fact, Facebook has even create an app specifically devoted to notifications, and the New York Times has an 11-person team dedicated to push notifications.

It’s easy to see why people like push notifications. They’re controlled by the user (they can turn them or of), there’s a deep link to the application so you don’t have to go searching through it, and it’s not limited by characters like other messages. In addition, push notifications aren’t highly regulated (for better or worse) and don’t cost anything to receive them.

But while there’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving a new notification, push notifications aren’t always the best way to engage with customers. In fact, some consumers are turning them off.

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7 Lessons Star Wars Can Teach You about Customer Service

With Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens set to debut in just a few days’ time, we couldn’t be more excited. The decades-old space saga is sure to send us on a new, fantastical adventure, complete with lessons on friendship, family and the Force (and of course, lightsaber duels).

In the midst of all this excitement, we realized that there were a few things we could learn from Star Wars about customer service. So now, we’re bringing insights from a galaxy far, far away a little closer to home.

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25 Inspiring Customer Experience Quotes

Providing a great customer experience is becoming increasingly important to companies. In fact, over 80% of companies want to use the customer experience to differentiate themselves from their competition.

But how can you get started on providing the best customer experience possible? We rounded up 25 customer experience quotes from some of the most well-known business leaders to inspire you to make your CX the best it can be.

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What the U.S. Can Learn from Mobile Payments in Africa

Mobile payments have exploded in popularity just within the past year—40% of U.S. consumers have used mobile payments in 2015, compared to just 8% in 2014. In fact, mobile transactions are expected to surpass half a trillion dollars ($560 billion) in 2016, and Gartner predicts that mobile commerce will make of 50% of all U.S. digital commerce by 2017.

So why the startling change?

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