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July 2015

25 Statistics on the Power of Positive Customer Service

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Customer service stories often surface in a negative light—a service wasn’t cancelled, no one responded to a problem, or a company didn’t deliver on its promise. In fact, nearly one-third of consumers think that businesses are paying less attention to providing great customer service.

And unfortunately, the customer is always right about this. While over 80% of companies boast that they provide “superior” customer service, only 8% of customers actually agree with them.

What’s a company to do?

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The ‘Magic’ Model – How To Instantly Build Your Own SMS Concierge Service

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After graduating from YCombinator back in February, a startup called Magic, an SMS concierge service,  went viral, wowing Americans with the prospect that they could order almost anything via text message and have it show up at their door – not to mention the $12 million investment they garnered from Sequoia Capital, with a $40 million valuation). After provisioning a Twilio number and rolling the service out to a few friends, the service suddenly skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to some well-placed features on Product Hunt and Hacker News (and just good old word-of-mouth).

Investors and companies are now starting to see the value of SMS (finally!), and so are emerging Magic competitors. Entrepreneurs around the world have begun innovating on the “Magic” model, spanning from straight up copycats to various niche-specific spins on the model – for example, the SMS concierge service for travelling performers and staff in the music-touring business. If you have an existing or potential SMS concierge business in mind, you’ll be very glad to know just how easy it is to equip yourself with the right tools and services to make it happen.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Whether we admit it or not, today’s customer experience is all about omnichannel. People are reaching out to companies on the phone, via text message, through emails and webforms—you name it, someone’s using it. When customers reach out to customer service, they most often use three or more channels, and most businesses offer multiple service channels to answer customer questions.

But an omnichannel experience isn’t just about having multiple channels: it’s about making sure those channels all work together. The idea behind omnichannel is that it all the service channels are connected, integrated, and consistent. When customers call your company, they don’t view your support channels separately; to them, everything is managed as a whole, not a bunch of different departments. And they’re not wrong to view the customer experience this way—91% of customers want to pick up where they left offwhen they switch between channels.

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Business Texting Etiquette: 6 Tips for Writing Great Texts to Customers

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This post was co-written with Leslie O’Flahavan of E-Write.

Text messaging isn’t just for pushing parking meter reminders or announcing severe weather. Ahead-of-the-curve companies are using text for two-way communication with customers. At a Denver coffee shop, customers can place their orders and pay by text. A large Midwestern university uses a text messaging service to solicit data from people participating in a long-term study on smoking. A technology company enables customers to troubleshoot software problems via text messaging. Members of a trade association can text their questions about membership levels, how to reset their passwords, and more.

While it may be true that almost anyone can write a text – Just left work. I’ll B home by 6:30 – companies that exchange texts with customers must write great texts: clear, readable, and worthwhile. Follow these business texting etiquette tips, and your company will be able to deliver a great customer experience in under 160 characters.

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