The Avengers of Omnichannel

Providing great customer service can be a superheroic task. Agents have to provide helpful, knowledgeable support to people all over the world, and they have to do it fast. That’s no easy feat.

Luckily, agents don’t have to go it alone. They’ve got an awesome omnichannel lineup on their side to save their customers’ day. And what better team to help them out than the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Implementing the Omnichannel Experience

Companies are connecting with customers in more ways than ever, but when it comes to customer support, many businesses still rely on just phone or email. While these are important channels, customers are beginning to expect more options from the companies they do business with. Customers ultimately expect businesses to support how they want to communicate — phone, email, web chat, social media and texting—and they want to work with the companies that make interacting easy.

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[NEW EBOOK] The Seamless Experience

Customers today use an average of three channels to contact your business, and they usually have to start over when switching between each one. It’s a disjointed customer experience, one that can lead to unhappy customers and potentially a loss in business.

That’s why businesses today need to provide an omnichannel experience. It’s a fancy word but a straightforward concept: customers should be able to switch between channels while maintaining the context of their conversation. What’s more, they should be recognized by companies and delivered a service experience that’s tailored to them.

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Smart and Fast Fixes For Your Business, Part 2–Answer Less Calls and Help More Customers

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If you’re anything like me, you’re bothered (maybe even offended) by retail businesses answering the phone instead of helping patrons.

We’ve all seen it happen. A customer is waiting  to check out when the clerk answers the phone (sometimes several times), often only to respond to the caller with store hours or the address. On behalf of the patron who’s standing there waiting and the caller, I’m annoyed by this.

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Texting Isn’t Just for Kids

“My kids would love that!”

I heard that recently from a middle-aged businessman when I told him that customers can now text businesses over their existing phone numbers. It’s not that he’s wrong (his kids would, in fact, love that), it’s just that he doesn’t understand how truly ubiquitous text messaging is. (And, by the way, that same guy admitted to text messaging on a daily basis himself.)

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OneReach Featured in CRM Magazine

Exciting news!

OneReach CEO Rich Weborg was recently featured in an article from the April issue of CRM Magazine, “Text Takes Precedence as a Customer Service Preference.” In it, he discusses the history of text messaging within business, the advances made in today’s text market, and best practices surrounding the text channel.

‘When texting started, it was expensive for businesses to get started, and it was heavily regulated,’ Weborg says. ‘What we’ve been seeing over the last few years is that it’s becoming flexible and cheap for businesses to set up. The price is so low now that any business can have access to [text messaging],’ he adds.

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