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March 2015

Smart and Fast Fixes for Your Business, Part 1 — Make Your Business Phone Smarter

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When it comes to balancing customer experience and operational efficiency, it can be really hard to get things right for your customers (and for your pockets). There are a lot of strategies, tools, consultants, methodologies and processes that you could be leveraging in order to operate your well-oiled machine (and of course you’re already doing all of those things, right?).

But what if there were things right in front of your nose that aren’t complicated, expensive or time-consuming, and could really make things easier and better for you and your customers?

That’s what we want to address in this series, and first up: making your business phone smarter.

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Contact Centers Will Go Digital By 2017

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Contact centers need to get ready to get digital.

According to the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report by Dimension Data, digital interaction will outpace voice interaction within the next two years. Digital interactions currently comprise 35% of customer interactions: this includes IVR, text messaging, mobile applications, social media, websites, and more. This is in line with customers’ demand for a seamless omnichannel experience, one that’s more contextualized and personalized on every channel.

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How Voice and Text Can Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

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Many of today’s top businesses offer a mobile app, and all of them are looking for downloads in an increasingly prevalent mobile market. There were an estimated 138 billion global app downloads in 2014, and that number is set to double to 270 billion in 2017. With over half of American consumers downloading around four apps a month, how can your business tap into the booming mobile app market and increase downloads?

Answer: promote downloads through text message and voice, the two most common activities done on a mobile device.

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4 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service on Twitter

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Social media sites are some of the most-used in the world, with Twitter sitting firmly in the top five. According to Twitter, there are 288 million active Twitter users, and more than 500 million tweets are sent every day. Is your business using this popular communication channel to support your customers?

Here are 4 ways to offer great customer service on Twitter.

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SMS Customer Support: Mobile as the Preferred Service Channel

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According to a recent Gartner report, “by 2015, at least 60% of Internet users will opt for mobile customer service applications as their first option.” This is a significant shift that brings with it enormous challenges and opportunities. Companies and brands that honor this “mobile first” preference must understand the intimate relationship that people have with their mobile device, and how their brand experience on these devices will shape the relationship they are building with each individual.

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