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December 2014

Coca-Cola Ditches Voicemail for Text at HQ

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One of America’s biggest corporations is shaking up its internal communications.

Coca-Cola employees are being encouraged to text one another to increase productivity, rather than make outgoing calls and leaving messages. If anyone tries leave a message for a colleague, they’re stopped by an automated message encouraging them to try alternative forms of communication.

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Are Patients Texting Your Practice?

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It’s not uncommon to find a OneReach team member wearing a bright blue t-shirt with the words “Can I Text Your Business” in big block letters on the front of it. My colleague and I were both wearing them at the International Customer Managment Institute conference in San Diego a couple months ago, when a woman who manages a contact center said- “No, you can’t!” from across the way. While that may seem like a pretty normal statement, the ensuing conversation brought a couple key elements into focus for us both.

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5 Holiday Customer Service Tips

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The holidays can be a stressful time for your customers: they’ve got gifts to buy, lights to string up, and people to fight off before they grab the last half-price flat screen TV. If you work in customer service, you’re well-versed in the frantic frenzy during the holidays. And, with business booming during the winter months, you’ve also got more to do and less time than you can shake a candy cane at.

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7 Reasons Your Contact Center Needs Cloud-Based SaaS

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People often get criticized for having their head in the clouds, but for your contact center, there’s no better place to be. Over 65% of businesses are already using cloud-based applications, and 46% of contact centers planned to move their contact center to the cloud by mid-2015.

One of the best reasons to do so is cloud-based SaaS. This technology is a pretty big deal because now it’s easier than ever for companies to get business done in a timely and cost-effective manner. Under the cloud SaaS model, contact centers can essentially “rent” the software they need to use on a subscription basis. The “cloud” part is exactly what it sounds like–instead of downloading software directly on a computer, contact centers can access the software they need anywhere, anytime.

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How to Give Your Healthcare Communications a Boost

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Having observed dozens of providers and staff members in their natural work environment, we have seen and heard a lot. But some of the personal stories that we’ve heard are hard to forget and worth sharing. These stories shed light on the truth about healthcare communications and the workflows of these dedicated, and often over-worked, staff members.

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Navigating the Customer Experience with Journey Maps

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How can you provide the best customer experience without knowing your customer? Short answer: you can’t. Luckily, you have tools that can guide you on your way to provide the best customer experience, like the journey map.

Journey maps help companies identify what tasks a customer wants to accomplish, what the emotional highs and lows of their journey are, and the best way to help them accomplish their goals.

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