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August 2014

Self(ish)-service: How Misused IVR Ruins the Customer Experience

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People hate IVR, everything from its automated voice to its endless wait times to its frantic button mashing. In fact, only 13% of consumers think IVR is easy to use. Callers can never be sure if they’ll encounter an effective self-service tool, an ineffective self-service tool, or a call routing system. However, most experiences end the same way: with one frustrated customer.

IVRs were originally created to decrease the amount of time an agent had to be on the phone and increase conversions. Unfortunately, they didn’t do as good a job reducing the amount of time for the customer. As companies reaped the financial benefits and agents had more time to work with, customers grew increasingly dissatisfied with the IVR system. Today, only 15% of consumers think IVR use benefits them.

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Mobile Apps vs. Text Chat: Which One Is Better for Business?

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In the business world, the ability to utilize and offer intelligent automation solutions is a crucial part of continued growth. In the contact center environment, introducing alternative channels like text and chat can lower costs while providing customers with a range of options. Over the past few years, mobile apps have become a prevalent fixture in innovative business technology, but using this type of platform can be expensive.

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Email and Voicemail Are in Hospice

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Remember when TV used to only be on television? Remember that “Can you hear me now” TV commercial for Verizon?

Would you say that the new version of “Can you hear me now” is “Did you get my email?” or “Did you get my voicemail?” I wouldn’t – quite simply because everyone sends text messages–and reads them–really really fast. In fact, if I had sent you a text when you started reading this article, there’s an extremely high probability that you’d have already read it by now.

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[STUDY]–Two out of three customers would rather text you than call you

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If you hate being put on hold for customer service, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by OneReach found that 81% of Americans think it’s frustrating being tied to a phone or computer to wait for customer service help. Among those who use text messaging, 64% prefer text messaging over voice to perform some kind of customer service activities. The same percentage of Americans also said they would have a positive perception of a company that offer text customer service.

Do you hear that, America? Over 200 million people would rather text your company than call.

The top reasons customers want to text a company are to check their order status, make/confirm reservations or ask a question. When faced with the option of waiting on hold, nearly half of all consumers with text capability would prefer to press a button to initiate a text conversation immediately over waiting to speak with an agent.

Younger consumers, students and adults with children in their household are the most likely to embrace text messaging as a customer service option. Additionally, over 60% of all consumers would have a positive perception of a company that offers text messaging.

Additional findings:

  •  Young women are the most likely to embrace texting for customer service.
  • 18-34 year olds are the most frustrated by being put on hold.
  • Younger men are most likely to use text for complex tasks (asking a question), while older men are most likely to use text for simple tasks (resetting a password).
  • Over 40% of parents with kids under 18 don’t check their voicemail.

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